Our Brand Is Crisis 2015

Our Brand is Crisis (2015) สู้ไม่ถอย ทีมสอยตำแหน่งประธานาธิบดี

Our Brand Is Crisis Pedro Castillo, a Bolivian politician, hires an American consulting firm based James Carville’s Greenberg Carville Shrum company to assist him in winning his 2002 Bolivian presidential election. Castillo’s campaign is being run by Jane Bodine, “Calamity”. The most prominent political advisor to the opposition is her adversary and a the fellow American Pat Candy. The political situation in Bolivia is extremely volatile. Bodine finds out that the indigenous population in Bolivia who are the majority, but have no real political power protests against constitutional reforms to ensure that they are properly represented.

Bodine an old-time veteran of American politics, convinces American consultants to employ propaganda to cover up the flaws of their candidate. However, Castillo refuses to give permission for the team to do so. It’s only when Bodine arranges for the publication of a flyer accusing Castillo of an alleged affair that occurred years ago (and accusing him of it being the fault of the opposition) does she finally get him to agree to smear his adversaries. Our Brand Is Crisis HD

The team employs the strategy of “declaring crisis” over the next few months. They intend to scare the people, with the aim of persuading them to vote for the unsympathetic but known Castillo rather than the younger opposition candidates. To make it seem like a Nazi and to make it appear like a Nazi, they publish photos of their enemy in the background , along with Nazi war crime Klaus Barbie. Castillo’s bus is stopped by protesters who oppose the International Monetary Fund in Bolivia. Castillo promises the protesters that he will not accept the IMF without a referendum on the public. Eduardo, an official Castillo campaign worker is awed by the act of devotion. Castillo was at the time president carried Eduardo on his back when he held a rally in his hometown. But his brothers are more skeptical about Castillo.

Bodine in the knowledge that Rivera will be his speech, cites a quote from Candy in the last debate. He claims that Candy was a “great man”. However, the quote is actually from Joseph Goebbels, Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda. Castillo gets the support of only a tiny margin. In one of his first actions, he invites the IMF to Bolivia which is a violation of his promise. The deeply unhappy Eduardo is seen with Bodine in her hotelroom; Bodine replies that she’s not responsible for the actions of Castillo. In her eyes, her job is done.

Eduardo, disillusioned, takes part with his brothers in a protest calling for change. The police arrive swiftly and the demonstration quickly becomes an unrest. Candy is joined by Bodine and her team as they travel to the airport. The entire group, with the exception of Bodine, have already taken jobs as political consultants in different countries. When Bodine realizes that she was a liar in the office, she has the car shut down and heads off to join Eduardo.


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