Robin Hood 2018

Robin Hood (2018) พยัคฆ์ร้ายโรบินฮู้ด (พากย์ไทย)

Robin Hood 2018

Robin Hood Lord Robin of Loxley is an English longbow master and Aristocrat living in Nottingham. He lives an idyllic life with his wife Marian prior to being recruited by the corrupt Sheriff in order to fight against the Saracens.

Robin is depressed after four years of being absent from England. He is unable to stop his commanding officer Guy from executing prisoners without arms, including teenagers despite the appeals from the father of the boy. Gisbourne then sends Robin back to England under the pretense of treasonous behavior.

Robin Returns to Nottingham and discovers from his FriarTuck, his friend. FriarTuck that the Sheriff declared his death two years prior in order to take his property to finance the military effort. This was done in response to the corrupt Cardinal. The residents were forced out of the city and were forced to relocate to the town of coal mining situated across the river..

Robin is investigating “the Slags” and observes commoners planning to take on the authorities. Robin also discovers that Marian is a part of their aspirant leader, Will Tillman. Robin is prevented from talking with her by a prisoner who was trying to rescue his son. The man is identified as Yahya which could be translated as ” John” and proposes that Robin and him work together to stop the war by taking money from the people who are used to fund the church’s war. Marian is inquiring Robin to assist her if she discovers that John is still alive. John advises Marian not to reveal his plans because John wants to protect her.

Robin undergoes a rigorous training course in his now decrepit home. Robin gains a lot of knowledge in archery combat and combat and then begins to steal riches of the people. Robin is nicknamed “The Hood” and conceals his actions by claiming to be a jolly playboy Lord, who is a supporter of the Sheriff’s system.

Robin, Marian, Will and Robin attend a celebration to honor the Cardinal. Marian and Robin discover that the war is actually a plot of the church to take down the King and take complete control following the death of the King. Gisbourne and his men enter the Slags to find the Hood upon the request of the Sheriff.

Marian attempts to intervene in Will’s protests. She meets Robin when she hears his voice. She discovers Robin is the one Robin is her real love. John is captured by Gisbourne and is tortured by Sheriff, and then released. But Robin the Hood is unable to divulge his identity. John is assaulted by the Sheriff who uses John’s religious beliefs against them. John warns John with the threat that his eyes will soon become the last eyes to see.

Marian Then, Marian asks Robin to reveal his identity to Robin and Robin accepts him as their the leader. This angers Will. Robin is able to intercept the caravan that carries the fortune of Sheriff from Nottingham and starts an armed riot which distracts the Sheriff’s soldiers. Robin then delivers the Saracen army’s fortune to Will. Robin is the leader of the fight against the corrupt Sheriff. Robin and Marian are kissing during the battle. Will witnesses it moments before being severely wounded through an explosion. Robin is disappointed by Marian’s deceit and leaves the cause.

Robin is forced to surrender to the Sheriff as the fight is turning to his favor. He is then taken to the Sheriff’s Castle where he is executed. One of the guards is John who was previously freed from jail. John finally gets his revenge on the Sheriff and hangs John with a chain the massive censer that is burning. He then hangs it over the cathedral’s roof. Robin and John are able to meet with Marian and the other townspeople who helped them. They seek refuge in Sherwood Forest as outlaws. They share their loot that they reclaimed.

The Cardinal comes to Will and demands revenge, and gives him the opportunity to claim the power vacuum in Nottingham If the faithful adhere to the church. Robin confronts Will by pointing an arrow through the poster of wanted, that Will holds up for Will to declare Will the new sheriff.



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